Your future is now, become a Pilot

Are you willing to become a Pilot? If yes, you are in the right place!
In fact, Pilotkingdom supports students willing to become pilots since the first step!
Becoming a Pilot is a great opportunity, it’s true, but it’s very important to do the right steps with a partner that can help you to bring the appropriate decisions.

Pilotkingdom supports you in order to avoid mistakes that can compromise your carrier.

Becoming a Pilot is a great opportunity but can hide big risks if you don’t start with the right Flight School.

The contest is very complex and probably today you know very little about this sector.

What we do for you

Basic Consultancy: we explain you all you need to know about this profession before to start the flight school research

Quotation service: online and offline (we’ll do for you a global flight school research)

Consultancy during the Flight School selection: offers are very complex, but don’t worry we are here to support you!

Financing Research support : most of the pilots need a funding in order to start your career. It is not an easy task, but we know where you can get it!

The advantages for you

We are an independent consultant, so our mission is to satisfy the Pilot first of all!

With us, you’ll avoid to face unnecessary risks

You’ll examine and evaluate the Flight School offers in a consciously way

You will have full support in order to get your financing and after the course completion in order to prepare yourself for Airlines interview!

Compile this form and start your career NOW!